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    Digital Blood Pressure Monitor BP10


    Digital Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor is intended for non-invasive measuring an adult individuals’ systolic,diastolic blood pressure and heart rate using the oscillometric method.The device is designed for home or clinical use. All values can be read out in one LCD DISPLAY.

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    Digital Blood Pressure Monitor BP11


    ChoiceMMed BP11 Blood Pressure Monitor Becomes the Highly Recommended one for Its Accuracy, Easy to Use, Convenient Operation, Smart and Economical. ChoiceMMed BP11 Blood Pressure Monitor is Upper Arm Type; Fully Auto Inflation; All readings are calculated by 3 most recent results; Even aged people and people who suffer from Glycuresis, Hyperlipaemia and Hypertension can detect exact blood pressure values by using this monitor.

    Color code indicator according to WHO blood pressure classification,you can learn your blood pressure level (optimal,normal,high-normal,mild-hypertension,moderate hypertension and severe hypertension) and health status by the indicator; Heartbeat detection and irregular heartbeat indicator,irregular heartbeat is always coming with high blood pressure,this function will benefit users; 120 memories recall with date and time function can help users manage their blood pressure values. Included comfortable cuff with thoughtful cuff wrap guide makes it easy for you to put on the cuff correctly. One touch fully auto inflation is not only convenient but also quiet,uniform and stable.

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